vendredi 13 mars 2009

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Hi-Tech / No Crime (Internal 1992)

01 Camouflage (Mark Gamble Micro-Mix I)
02 Light In Darkness (The 808 State Remix)
03 Behind The Mask (The Orbital Remix)
04 Multiplies (The Altern 8 Syncopated Mix)
05 Loom (Mark Gamble Micro-Mix II)
06 La Femme Chinoise (The LFO Remix)
07 Tighten Up (The Robert Gordon Remix)
08 Firecracker (Zero B Mix)
09 Castalia (Mark Gamble Micro-Mix III)
10 Shadows On The Ground (The Sweet Exorcist Remix)
11 Rydeen (The Graham Masey Remix)
12 Firecracker (Additional Production, Reconstruction And Mix By The Shamen)
13 Tong Poo (The Orb Remix I)
14 Tong Poo (The Other Orb Remix II)
15 Light In Darkness (...Spark) (The 808 State Ambient Reprise)

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