vendredi 25 décembre 2009

Throbbing Gristle : Fan Club, Brannigans, Leeds. 24th February 1980-IRCD25

Track One
00'00" Introduction
00'10" Cornets
05'20" Six Six Sixties / An Old Man Smiled
11'30" Subhuman
22'18" The World is a War Film
28'40" "To be effective in England..."
29'29" Something Came Over Me

Track Two
00'00" Something Came Over Me (cont.)
09'32" Still Walking "Bit boring!"
13'03" Instrumental
15'15" Don't Do What You're Told, Do What You Think
26'09" Painless Childbirth27'33" (Performance ends) "Thanks very much, in a few minutes we'll have Monte Cazazza..."
28'50" "That was Throbbing Gristle ... this is something else."
29'03" (Recording ends)

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