mercredi 6 janvier 2010

Lesley Gore - Start the party again (Raven records 1993)

1. It's My Party
2. Judy's Turn to Cry
3. She's a Fool
4. You Don't Own Me
5. Just Let Me Cry
6. That's the Way Boys Are
7. Maybe I Know
8. Run Bobby Run
9. Old Crowd
10. Wonder Boy
11. Sometimes I Wish I Were a Boy
12. You Didn't Look Around
13. Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows
14. Look of Love
15. My Town, My Guy and Me
16. What's a Girl Supposed to Do?
17. No Matter What You Do
18. I Don't Care
19. What Am I Gonna Do With You?
20. We Know We're in Love
21. Young Love
22. Off and Running
23. California Nights
24. Summer and Sandy
25. Brink of Disaster
26. Small Talk
27. Sieben Girls
28. Nur du Ganz Allein (It's Gotta Be You)
29. Goodbye Tony (You Don't Own Me)
30. Start the Party Again

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