mardi 27 avril 2010

Blitz - Second Empire Justice (Cleopatra 1994 reissue)

1 Flowers & Fire
2 Underground
3 Acolyle
4 Into The Daylight
5 Telecommunication
6 White Man
7 For You
8 Skin
9 H.M.K. Grey
10 Teletron
11 Solar
12 Husk
13 Solar (Extended)
14 Husk (Mix)

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Blogger the saucer people a dit...

This was such a bizzare album the way Blitz went from hardcore Oi! punk singalongs to smooth new romantic synthpop/soft rock in the blink of an eye...they were postmodern chameleons before their time!
Well worth a listen but for real shock value, get an earlier Blitz single and compare and contrast!

11 juillet 2010 à 15:13  

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