mercredi 19 août 2009

Alternative TV With Genesis P-Orridge - The Industrial Sessions 1977 (Overground Records 1996)

1 Love Lies Limp
2 Love Lies Limp (2)
3 "...Fuck Up..."
4 British Kids
5 "...Is She Awake Yet?"
6 Industrial Porridge
7 Life
8 Life (2)
9 Life (3)
10 Life (4)
11 Tremble The Dog
12 "...I Was Hitting Him, Like..."
13 "...A Lot Of Gaps On This Tape..."
14 Alternatives To NATO
15 More Porridge
16 Guardian, Times And Observer
17 East Acton Action
18 Never Saw The Blitzkrieg
19 Street Fighter
20 British Kids (2)
21 Love Lies Limp (3)
22 Ten Commandments
23 Street Fighter (2)
24 Still Life

6 commentaires:

Blogger Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf a dit...

Nice one, been after this for ages. A problem though...I can't seem to access the download.

30 septembre 2009 à 12:06  
Blogger kaplan a dit...

been checking it's still working

7 octobre 2009 à 00:43  
Anonymous Grok Enrol a dit...

I too have been after this for ages but the link definetly doesn't work, you big tease. Any chance of uploading it elsewhere?

14 octobre 2009 à 14:37  
Blogger kaplan a dit...

sorry mates but the link works just gotta wait a few sec before you click on "free download" then it appears before yr very eyes...

15 octobre 2009 à 00:12  
Anonymous Grok Enrol a dit...

aha, it's working this morning - dude you are an absolute star for this posting, thanks

15 octobre 2009 à 01:35  
Blogger kaplan a dit...

I only think you're gonna be a bit disapointed..this album is interesting : not as music but more as a document from the past..definitely for the hardcore fans only.

15 octobre 2009 à 01:42  

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