mardi 2 février 2010

Frankie Bones - Factory 101 (X-Sight Records 1997)

Zekas Solar Device -My Freedom
Paul Birken -Surfin, Superior
Fred Fresh -Start Your Engines
DJ Sundance -Bang Dem Walls
Felix Da Housecat -Clashback (97 Frankie Bones Factory Remix)
DJ Lonz Luv - The Grace
Rick Garcia -The Predator
CZR -Ghetto Booty
Paul Birken -Speaker Freak
Damon Wild -Linear
DJ Appolo -Bad Ass
CZR -Deep Into The Vibe
DJ Funk -XTC
Atomic Babies -Quadrant
Frankie Bones -Booger Flick

5 commentaires:

OpenID chevy1chaser a dit...

hello. been looking for this for ages, but the link is down. could you re-up? it would make my year! Thanx:)

2 avril 2010 à 02:19  
Blogger kaplan a dit...

leave me the week end & there will be a new link.
Congratulations for yr blog : I like people who mix different the way who is the cover girl for the Richard Danger – Ripped Mixtape ?

2 avril 2010 à 03:15  
OpenID chevy1chaser a dit...

appreciate it! and thanx, i´m rediscovering my house and techno roots at the moment. i´m not really sure who the cover girl is, but she is probably some 70s or 80s actress:)

7 avril 2010 à 14:51  
Blogger DrumInfected a dit...

Just wanted to say Props for uploading this mix. If you are interested in old mixes from the past let me know as well, I know a place with a bunch of archives as well.

8 septembre 2010 à 17:16  
Blogger kaplan a dit...

thanks for the offer mate but I gave up this blog 6 months ago :

Anyway I planned to put my 12" vinyls old school tech. & House on another blog.Unfortunately, the Audacity stuff didn't work so well...I keep ya informed if it happens..

9 septembre 2010 à 00:13  

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